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August 25, 2009

The Fleet I Never Met

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On Saturday, MH had a fleet op. The objective was to go smash POS’es (Player Owned space Stations). I was to be part of support flying an interceptor. I didn’t hear about the op until about 30 minutes before it was to start, so I had to rush out there. I learned a valuable lesson on the way there. Auto-target is bad in 0.0. I warped to 0 on a gate and was targeted before I could jump. The auto-targeting caused me to agress and I couldn’t jump through. I tried twice thinking I had made some mistake, and that was enough time for my opponent to target me and scramble. An interceptor (an ares at that) without a micro-warp drive is a sitting duck. I died pretty quickly.

Happily, I escaped to a planet in my pod, but I had to go back to Torrinos and buy a new interceptor and fit it. By the time I refitted and made it back to the objective, the fleet had changed plans and moved to another target. I never caught up. So now I have autotarget turned off. I never had any use for it, so it won’t be missed. I wonder what other noob mistakes I’m likely to make. I guess when I read articles on 0.0 living, I should pay more attention.

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