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August 3, 2010

The life of a Nomad

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With my standings grind to get my research agents up and running comes a different lifestyle. Currently, I have no home. I’m living out of my van (transport ship) as I move from place to place experimenting with different types of agents.

Fortunately, I only have one corp left to grind for at this time, so hopefully I’ll be able to settle in somewhere nice in a bit. For now, I don’t shave or shower much, and I’ve gotten used to the routine of setting up temporary shop. Gone are the days of buying several station containers to categorize my stuff. Gone are the days of a hangar full of ships.

I’ve narrowed down my “permanent” possessions down to my Ishtar and various tank fittings for my combat main and a transport ship for my indy alt. Usually, when I arrive in a system I go buy an industrial ship for courier contracts (so I don’t have to trade goods and fly 2 ships to the destination) and fit it for cargo and tank. Then I get right into the missions.

I’ve learned a few more things about the standings grind which are useful. The connections skill and social skill make a big difference in the length of the grind. I should have trained these earlier. A high quality level 3 agent is much more efficient then a low quality level 4 agent as far as standings gained per hour given that they are the same type (both personnel or both administration for instance). Of course, a high quality level 4 agent is still best, but one should experiment a bit.

The standings grind is so painful that I probably won’t set up any other toons to do research. It’s just too much work to get the machine running. Two characters with 5 research slots will make about 120M ISK a month. That should be plenty for now.

While being a nomad, I feel completely cut off from my corp and corp-mates. There are only a handful of active members, and they mostly live in a wormhole. Most of the members are active when I’m asleep, so the only communication I have with them is via eve-mail. Moving around like a hobo only adds to the isolation. When my grind is done, I’ll have to have a chat with the CEO and maybe find a new home. I’d like to end up in some nice 0.0 territory, maybe up north. I miss gate-camps and roams.

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