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June 29, 2009

Trading Shots in Syndicate

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Our alliance and a German/Austrian/Swiss alliance traded blows all weekend. I won’t go into details about gains and losses, but as far as I can tell, we are on the losing end by a small margin as far as ISK measurements go. Things quieted down Sunday afternoon so I could get some ratting and exploration done.

I’ve been learning to scout for the alliance, which is a lot of fun. I’ve managed to slip past a few gate camps. I’m learning what’s important intel and what’s not. I’m also learning how to collect the intel and how to report it clearly. That directional scanner helps a lot. If you’re some clicks off a gate watching the camp, you can adjust the directional scanner to catch everyone and easily report back ship types instead of doing “show info” on the whole blob. You veterans may think this is easy stuff, but it’s not obvious to us noob scouts.

I did have one foul up which cost is some ships. Our alliance leader was the fleet commander. He told me to scout the way up the pipe. Well, there are 3 ways to go “up the pipe” and I thought he meant the most direct route. I scouted all three gates out since there were unaccounted for neutrals in system and reported. Then I went to the most direct gate and jumped through. Apparently, our fleet commander wanted to go a different route and I didn’t hear him say so. When I said the system was clear (I could have sworn I named the system), they jumped … into a different system with a gate camp on the other side. That ended badly.

My take away from this unfortunate event is that if directions are at all ambiguous or I think I may have missed something, I will ask. Even in a game, I hate to be bad at what I do.

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