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July 10, 2009

Watching Paint Dry

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There were no neutrals in the area yesterday, so I took the opportunity to dust off my mining/industry character and go mining in our syndicate home. The most valuable ore in the area seems to be Crokite, so that’s what I’ve been mining the most. I’ll mine other ores when I need different minerals for any manufacturing that I decide to do.

When it’s reasonably safe, I’ll probably mine with the mining alt while ratting with my combat main. My hulk is currently fitted for cargo space and a small tank. If I get serious about mining in 0.0, I’ll probably have to fit for mostly tank and forgo the cargo rigs.

I need to implement a better way to mine in 0.0. Here is what I do now:

  1. Collect bookmarks to various places in the belts skipping both the top and bottom belts to avoid fast miner gankers.
  2. Undock the hulk and warp to my insta-undock bookmark.
  3. Warp to one of the likely belt bookmarks.
  4. Align to the station
  5. Survey for nice asteroids and mine.
  6. When the hold (17km3 worth currently) is full, warp back to station.

I use my combat main for protection since this is a new home to us and we haven’t completely secured the area yet. When things quiet down, I can probably use him to haul if I don’t feel like ratting.

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