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June 16, 2009

What to do in Syndicate

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My original plan was to place a few ships and a jump clone down in Syndicate region and spend a day or two a week doing PvP in 0.0 and then the rest of the time in empire running level 4 missions.

It turns out that staying in 0.0 is more fun for me. Exploration produces much better and more dangerous sites. You can actually make a living ratting the asteroid belts. Speaking of asteroid belts, I’ve never seen such huge asteroids. Right now, it’s even fun to have to pay attention to local. Traveling back and forth from empire to 0.0 is exciting. There is always the chance to get caught in a bubble and die a horrible death.

I thought I would have to earn my money in empire space so that I could live in 0.0. It turns out that empire will probably be a necessary evil where I have to do to sell the goods I find in 0.0.

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