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February 23, 2010

Gaming Without Other People

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I’ve been playing Dragon Age Origins a lot recently. It’s a really fun single player game. I’m a bit put off by the game information which gets uploaded by default, but the settings are easy enough to change. For now, I am enjoying single player games more then MMO’s.

Some of the things I like about single player games are:

  • They seem to be more epic. You are usually the focus of the whole world. It’s hard to do that effectively in an MMO I think.
  • I can save and stop at almost any time without losing any time.
  • No scheduling conflicts for raids or fleet actions.
  • No asshats.

MMO’s are fun too. If I want to casually socialize with people, or if I want to complete some epic task with other people, there really isn’t a way to do that in a single player game. MMO’s are a great place to virtually people-watch without anyone knowing who you are.

Back to dragon age now. As I said, it’s a fun game. I’m currently working on my last treaty in the deep roads. I’ve made some mistakes along the way. Here are some tips based on those mistakes:

  • Do *everything* you need to in lothering before you move on. Lothering becomes unavailable soon after you leave.
  • Work on approval of your most common companions early. They get buffs which are useful in combat if their approval is high.
  • If you have any DLC’s, do them early. The loot can really help out in your travels. If you have all three DLC’s (soldier’s peak, stone prisoner, and return to Ostagar), you can gain several levels too.
  • If you want to be the highest level possible, explore everywhere and kill everything which is killable.
  • Money is hard to come by early on. Loot all containers. There seem to be no consequences to looting. If you’re so inclined, steal from everyone.
  • It almost feels like cheating, but you can also get herbalism to its highest level and make potent lyrium potions for profit.
  • If there is an enemy magic user (or several) kill it first. I haven’t found a case where I wouldn’t do this. Player and enemy mages are powerful.
  • Area effect spells seem to be situational. I probably should have waited on getting these until late in the game.
  • Go for the eyes!

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