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September 27, 2010

LOTRO and Civilization V on linux.

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I’ve abandoned Runes of Magic for a while to try Lord of the Rings Online and Civilization V. They both work under the latest wine (1.3.3 currently) on Ubuntu linux.

To get Civilization V working, I set up a new WINEPREFIX, installed corefonts with winetricks, and then made 2 new /etc/sysctl.conf entries. You can find some details at the steam entry on winehq. In detail though:

  • export
  • winetricks corefonts allfonts
  • edit /etc/sysctl.conf and add the following lines:

net.core.rmem_max = 131072
net.core.wmem_max = 131072
  • run sudo sysctl -p to load the new settings
  • run the setup from the cd and follow the instructions.

After this, you can just use the steam launcher to launch Civilization. The “directx 9” version works for me.

LOTRO is as easy to get running. I used the instructions on the winehq app page with an exception. To get the pando download to run, I had to replace wine Downloads/lotrohigh.exe with GC_DONT_GC=1 wine Downloads/lotrohigh.exe which apparently turns off garbage collection. If the download fails partway through for some reason (like accidentally turning off wireless… Who would do that? …), you can just pick up the download from where it stopped. You don’t need the GC_DONT_GC setting to actually run the game. I didn’t need to go through all of the machinations required to run one of the older versions either. YMMV of course.

It turns out that LOTRO is pretty fun. I started a hobbit minstrel (healer of course). They do a good job of weaving the Tolkien story into the game although you can easily get sidetracked by quests. The item store system is ok, but they could do well to look at the Runes of Magic model and pick what might fit. Selling turbine points in-game might be nice for instance although I’m sure that topic would ignite a flamewar on the servers. There seems to be some animosity from some old subscribers toward F2P folks. When a game makes a major change like going F2P, one can expect some unhappy folks I guess. I’m on one of the new servers, so I don’t see too much of this.

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