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October 27, 2009

Runes of Magic After Two Days

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Runes of Magic is as addictive as other MMO’s. It has enough in common with WoW, that it feels familiar, but there are enough differences so it doesn’t feel like a ripoff. I’ve read that it has similarities with Lord of the Rings Online, and other games as well. I can’t speak to that, but I can tell you how it compares to WoW.

There is plenty in RoM that is similar or the same as WoW. I excuse this because it’s hard to imagine a fantasy MMO which doesn’t have similarities with WoW. There are some basic functions which classes have; tanking, healing, damage dealing, and utility. The class names will look familiar, but their function is sometimes different. Leveling involves a lot of going from place to place completing fetch, kill, and delivery quests. There is a functional auction house, a bank, a mail box, and a “teleport home” function. Dungeons seem to require a similar makeup to WoW dungeons. A tank or two, a healer or two, and lots of DPS.

With all of these similarities, there are many differences too. Sometimes when you kill a monster, there is a “power up” which you can claim. I’ve seen rejuvenating, magic power, and physical power powerups. I’m sure there are others. Leveling up allows you to assign talent points, but the system works entirely differently. There is no real tree. You can upgrade skills to different based on what you need. The “professional skill” system allows you to train a basic level of all skills. You have to choose a handful of skills to advance to higher levels though.

The real selling point of the game seems to be dual classing. Using this system, you can emulate almost any common class you can think of. Each combination has special skills which you can get called “Dual class elite” skills. I started a priest character (named Mheh on US server Reni). I’m familiar with the healing role and like a lot of MMO’s RoM seems to be short of healers. When I dual class, and there seems to be no advantage in not dual classing, I am probably going to pick either a knight or a mage. The priest/knight combo seems to be most accepted as the best healer. The priest/mage combo sounds like a close second and can do more DPS. The priest/knight has the advantage of being able to switch to tank like a paladin. Tanks are another uncommon group in RoM, just like WoW.

RoM has an item shop, and it looks like later in the game raiding may require purchases from the shop to be competitive. That’s fine. The game is otherwise free to play and I realize that the host has to make money somehow.

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