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October 25, 2009

Runes of Magic on Ubuntu 9.04

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After a lot of work, I got Runes of Magic to work on Ubuntu. Runes of Magic is a fantasy RPG which plays a lot like WoW to my inexperienced eyes. It’s free to play. Their business model is based around an item shop where you buy extra stuff for real-world currency.

If you want to run Runes of Magic on linux, some mandatory actions include ensuring your wine version is not version 1.1.26 or 1.1.27 (the newer the better though. I use 1.1.32) as both of these versions have bugs which prevent startup of the game. In your registry under [Software\\Wine\\Direct3D], you’ll need to set the following if you don’t get a EULA window on startup.


This seems to be a problem for older nvidia cards and ATI cards. I don’t know if it’s mandatory, but I also used winetricks to install “allfonts”, “vcrun2005”, and “d3dx9”. Also, as part of troubleshooting, I installed “ie6” and “firefox”, but I’m pretty sure these are not necessary.

Some things of note which may or may not be the same as windows:

  • Getting to the startup screen takes more then 30 seconds.
  • Before selecting a character, I get a crash message, but this does not seem to effect the game.
  • If I use full screen mode, the resolution doesn’t return to its original setting after leaving the game.
  • The highest resolution is 1024×768. This seems low, but maybe it’s the same as windows.

I’ve only actually played the game for a few minutes, but it seems to play fine so far.

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  1. thanx mate, the line “install “allfonts”, “vcrun2005″, and “d3dx9″.” made my day:)

    Other guides say that only vcrun2005 is needed, but on my Ubuntu 9.10, all these three are needed.

    Thanx again!

    Comment by blodfjert — January 2, 2010 @ 8:19 am

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