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March 8, 2010

What is this Allods thing?

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Recently, my sister mentioned a game called Allods Online. It’s an MMO which recently went into open beta. The revenue model is based on an item shop. Sadly, the game doesn’t run on linux. Apparently, the “Starforce” protection scheme they use, presumably to stop cheating, won’t work with wine.

Since I have the misfortune of having to run windows sometimes these days, I figured I’d try the game anyway. If you’re just interested in a quick opinion, I’d say this game is worthwhile trying. It’s enough like WoW in interface to be familiar, but the storyline and goals are different. It’s less of a WoW clone then Runes of Magic in my opinion.

I started the game almost blind. I basically went to the allods website, downloaded the game, installed it and started playing. Compared to other MMO’s I’ve played, there is more of a sense of urgency immediately. I won’t spoil it by going into detail, but expect the cast to look to you for salvation. Pay attention and read all of the text during the crisis. It’s pretty enlightening and provides a lot of info on the history of Allods.

Mechanically, Allods is a leveling game. There is a progressive talent “tree”. As you level, you pick talents, though the only prerequisite to later talents is that you have some number of talent points. This isn’t a real tree. The mechanism that looks more like a tree is the talent grid. You buy “rubies” as you level up to fill out the grid. Take a look at a talent calculator to see what I mean. Each character has a pile of stats like strength, intelligence, faith, etc. The general consensus now is that one should keep fairly balanced stats. I suspect that is because the game is young enough that no one has done the math on stats to see which is better.

Itemization is pretty interesting. Quest rewards don’t seem to be limited to one class. Each reward will have stats for several completely different class. It is rare to find an item which is completely useless. Maybe that changes later in the game. I guess this would cause more people to roll on any particular gear, but then there is more gear which is available to roll on and less gear will be completely useless to any particular party. Stats seem to be immensely important. Small changes to stats seem to have a huge impact on everything you do, so be sure to keep your gear up to date. If you don’t, leveling becomes difficult.

Since I like to heal, I’ve become keenly aware of an interesting mechanic in the game called “wound complexity”. You not only have straight hit point damage, you also have a variable wound complexity scale which is measured in percent. The higher the wound complexity, the more chance that your heal spell will heal less then the optimal amount. The stat faith effects how much wound complexity you can ignore when you cast a heal spell. this means you can’t just stack intelligence to get better healing. It looks like many game mechanics have similar tradeoffs which promote a more balanced stats list.

As far as leveling goes, it’s pretty slow going although not boring. Currently, the group quests at the lower levels are pretty easy to knock off. There are always people waiting around to do them. Just give a shout in zone chat and start inviting people. Higher level players seem to help noobs a lot too. Apparently, around level 23 or so, you are required to do some questing in a PVP area called “The Holy Lands”. There is no way around this as far as I know. The end game seems to be a mix of raids and PVP in “Astral Ships”.

The auction house is easy to use, but the economy is not well developed. Prices vary wildly, so it’s hard for me to price my items at this point. Since bag and bank space is limited, I feel obligated to sell stuff on AH. I’ll probably end up using the mailbox as extra temporary bag space assuming the game will let me.

Give Allods Online a go if you’re looking for a change from WoW. It’s free aside from your time, and it’s different enough to be refreshing.

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