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April 12, 2011

Yarr! More Pirates! (Uncharted Waters Online)

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Until recently, I’ve been playing a game called Uncharted Waters Online. I’ve moved away from it because I couldn’t find a group of people who meshed well with my off-color personality. It’s still a fun game and I recommend it if you’re looking for a nautical themed game.

What are the good parts?

UWO is a very open-ended game. You can really do whatever suits your fancy. There are 3 main “classes” but there are many professions within those classes and you can freely switch between jobs in any of the 3 classes (assuming you have the item that allows switching jobs). If you’re a pacifist, you can trade or craft your way to fame. If you’re a pirate, there are plenty of areas where you can PvP.

The population in UWO is very international. It makes for interesting conversation in the school chat (a channel where noobs are dropped by default if there is room).

And the bad?

The tutorial is very tedious, and if you don’t have veteran friends, you probably have to do the tutorials. There are times where a class will send you to a port days away for no good reason. The actual tutorial text requires you to acknowledge reading every 30 words or so. There is a ton of good information, but the mechanics of the tutorial are awful.

The UI is simplistic and feels like a single task system. You can’t have the character screen and inventory screen open at the same time for instance. The skill bar (such as it is) doesn’t refresh, and closes every time you cross zones. This is just a couple of examples. There are other UI pitfalls.

The graphics have an anime theme. Some may like this. I don’t.

Even with its deficiencies, UWO is a fun game with a lot of depth. I’ll probably go back to it at some point.

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