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October 10, 2009

John the Plumber

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I bought my wife a new stove, a new dish washer (the old one broke), and a new fan over the stove for our anniversary. Before you tell me what a cad I am, I’ll have you know that she asked for them. She practically dragged me to the store to have some input in the appliances that she had already picked out. They were nice. We cheaped out and decided to install them ourselves (myself actually).

After about 16 hours, the appliances are finally installed. Those sixteen hours included several runs to the hardware store for parts, replacing the wrong parts, and getting pieces I never thought I would need. I’ve also officially started my collection of screws, bolts, nuts, and assorted hardware in the event that I have to do something like this again.

I believe I’ve done a good job, but I’m paranoid about leaks from the dishwasher (which hasn’t leaked yet), electric shocks from the over-head fan (the wiring is fine), and a gas leak from the stove (no leaks… I checked thoroughly). If I post in the next couple of days, consider it an all clear. If The Cranky Sysadmin goes off the air, either the power went out due to a short in my electrical, or the house blew up.

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