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September 27, 2010

LotRO Leveling a “healer

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It’s a little odd trying to quest in Lord of the Rings Online for me. The epic quest seems to demand urgency, but the quests ramp up pretty quickly. While doing the epic quest, you come across tons (and I mean tons… at least up to level 20) of side quests to help this person move goods here, or help that person avenge the death of his whatever.

The side quests are a lot of fun and the rewards are nice, unless you do all of the quests and out-level the rewards like I have. That’s ok, I’m collecting gold for better gear from the auctions. When I hit level 20, I got a request to visit a “skirmish camp”.

After a short tutorial, I had three skirmishes available to me. One was a group (fellowship) only, so I gave the other two a go solo. It was amazingly fun and I died several times fumbling about trying to find my ass with both hands. Apparently, each skirmish comes with a daily quest. I assume this is to encourage trying all of the skirmishes and not just grinding the easiest one. When I started the skirmishes, I was about half way through level 20. When I completed the tutorial (not much XP there) and my two daily skirmishes, I was about two bubbles away from level 22. That was about an hour of work. If I’m into levelling efficiency, I would do my daily skirmishes, and then go do some easy side quests.

Skirmishes don’t seem to produce much money at my level. I think it might barely cover repairs and training. It is a fun, fast way to level though. I recommend levelling a character to L20 (3 days work maybe), getting a cheap subscription via a box set which can go for as low as $10, and give skirmishes a go. They’re a great adrenaline rush.

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