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October 22, 2010

LotRO Skirmish Soldier: the Warrior

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I’ve been doing a lot of skirmishes lately. My sidekick of choice has been the warrior since Minstrels don’t do a lot of damage, even in war cry mode. I’m at level 39, so my soldier doesn’t get a lot of traits; 2 offensive skills, and 2 miscellaneous skills (defense and buffs mostly) at the moment.

At first, I went with power regeneration because it was suggested so often on forums along with morale regen for survivability. I haven’t done any scientific measurements, but I’ve come to the conclusion that other skills are probably better. I find that with the “heavy blows” (more damage) and the block/parry/evade skill (Defensive Training), my warrior is surviving well and inflicting a lot more damage.

I’d rather not do a lot of experimentation because I don’t want to waste skirmish points, but I guess it’s better to spend them now learning then travel way down an expensive and wrong path. A couple of things I’d like to try are going with extreme damage training while ignoring survivability, and defensive/tank training while ignoring damage.

Am I going to try other types of skirmish soldiers? Probably not. The (debatable) consensus on the forums is that aside from the guardian, there really isn’t a wrong choice of skirmish soldier for a minstrel, so I’ll just get to know my tin can o’ whirling death well.

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