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June 26, 2011

RoR in place of WoW

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I have dropped out of WoW again. I logged in one day, and I couldn’t bring myself to do anything more then spin my character at the selection screen. After trying EVE again for a couple of days (there was a 5 day free account reactivation), I decided on trying to put together a web application idea that has been kicking around among my friends for a while.

I won’t spill the beans on the idea, but I will say that I have been learning a lot about the Google maps and places APIs. I’ve also been learning Ruby on Rails (RoR… hehe). I have been hesitant to learn Ruby for a while, mostly because it felt slow for the tasks that I tested with. According to more recent benchmarks, Ruby has mostly caught up to perl and python. Overall, Ruby feels more “Lispy” to me then perl or python and it has a familiar syntax.

Rails is an “application framework” which seems to take care of a lot of tasks that I would usually do manually. Security seems to be well baked into the platform. Things like XSS and SQL injection are easy to avoid either naturally, or with simple techniques that take very little time. I’m pretty sure that you don’t have to actually know programming to become productive in Rails, though it helps. The tutorial that I link to states that it is aimed at web designers too.

If you have a mac or linux box, installing ruby and rails is tedious but fairly straightforward. The tutorial will actually step you through it. If you run windows, I’ve read that it’s a bit more painful, but there are packages to help you out.

Well, enough talk. I must get back to my rails server. I still need to link it to memcached and postgreSQL.

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