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December 7, 2009

Toward Server-side JavaScript in Apache.

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I’ve always wondered why no one ever created a JavaScript module for apache. Many other languages have apache bindings, but not JavaScript. Being able to program in the same language client-side and server-side would seem to be desirable.

There are some projects which make JavaScript available on the server. Whitebeam is one. Appweb is another. These are not Apache though (some folks consider that a blessing). I don’t want to learn a whole new paradigm of programming. I just want to mash some JavaScript into my Apache server! I want bindings to databases which are similar to what I see in perl or php. I want easy file access.

The next few articles will describe my adventures in trying to get a mod_perl like (though less ambitious) set of bindings for JavaScript. I’ll also be working on some missing bits of javascript functionality which will make it more useful on the server-side. I’m not the best programmer in the world, so I’ll use ugly hacks, borrowed code (attributed to its authors of course), and prayer to get it all working. I’ll be happy for any help coding or testing since I’m lazy.

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