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November 20, 2009

Attribute Runes

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In WoW, one of the ways to permanently enhance your gear is through the use of gems. To “gem” your equipment, you need to have a gem of a particular color, and a matching or compatible socket. The equivelent process in Runes of Magic involves using runes and gear with rune sockets.

The rune sockets are not colored. The only restriction on placement of runes is if the rune is only for accessories (rings, necklaces, earrings). The runes I’ve encountered come from monster drops, quest rewards, and the gift bags. Much like WoW gems, there are many types of runes which enhance many attributes. Unlike gems, you can pick up and use runes in equipment from level 1 up. The runes come in different power levels. Vitality (wisdom) for instance comes in levels from vitality I (+3 wis) up to vitality X (+48 wis). There may even be an XI rank. I’ve seen people in world chat looking for them. The various ranks of runes are dropped by appropriate level monsters. I’ve only seen drops of rank 1 and 2 runes so far on my level 32/31 priest/mage.

Also unlike common WoW gems, runes can be combined to make different runes. Here is a table with the different ranks, and what you have to combine to make new runes. The simplest combination is to take 5 runes of the same type and level and transmute them into one rune the next level up. For example, you can take five vitality II runes and make one vitality III rune. The more complex transforms require you to combine 2 runes of the same level but a different type. This will produce a totaly new rune which may or may not have the same attributes of the runes used to make it.

There is a cost to combining runes. One uses the arcane transmuter to combine runes and each time you combine runes, you use up a charge. You start with ten charges when you gain access to the transmuter at level 10. To get more charges, you have to buy them. Each group of 10 costs 300 tokens in the item store. 300 tokens is 3 days worth of daily quests (10 dailies each produce 10 coins for a total of 100 tokens per day). You can also just create an alt, level it to 10, and use those charges. It takes me about 2 hours to level a character to level 10. I’ve heard of people leveling them much faster. The point is that you should plan out the runes you want carefully. Be doubly sure that the runes you are converting are producing the runes you really want. It’s easy to waste a lot of charges, especially on the higher rank runes. I wasted about 5 charges on a fountain rune which only fits accessories. I have no accessories with rune slots. I could drill one with a scroll from the item shop (kind of like the belt buckle in WoW only more general), but that’s pretty pricey for the level of gear I have.

Runes are one of the many fun surprises in RoM. In the future, I hope to write an article on refining your equipment, and another one on “tiering” your equipment. Refining is pretty easy, but tiering is fairly complex and I don’t understand all of the details yet because I haven’t done any tiering.

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