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August 25, 2010

Back in Runes of Magic

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After being in the dark, gritty universe of EVE, moving back to Runes of Magic is an interesting experience. The first thing I notice is that I seem to have a pile of gold, a pile of diamonds, and a free skill reset. The second thing I noticed is the company’s (Frogster’s) apparent hostility to scammers. There are still scammers, but not like Jita local.

One of the first things I did was spend some of those diamonds on a permanent, fast mount. I still have about 200 left which I’ll probably save for end game if I play that long. I then looked at features added since I left. Housekeepers look interesting. I bought one for 200k gold. There is also this new pvp event every night called guild siege. I don’t know much about it as I haven’t joined a guild yet, but it looks like fun.

When I started looking around for quests, I remembered why I lost interest in the game before. At level 43, I had finished most of the quests I could without grouping up. The daily quests are nice though. They got me over the hump to level 44 and opened up some more quests. I was having a hard time advancing though as it was hard to kill monsters 3 levels higher then me needed for the quests.

The solution I came up with was to do some cheap upgrading of my gear. I spent about 400k gold and ended up almost doubling my damage output. If you’re leveling in RoM and are running into killing efficiency problems, I suggest spending a modest sum to upgrade your gear. The first thing to do is find a nice arcane transmutor guide as you can’t get good gear cheaply without it. In my case, I “tiered” my weapon up, I bought a cheap “Vahto’s Spell” accessory set which has a 15% magic power bonus, and I spent about 100k on vendor refining stones and made sure all of my good gear was +2. Since Vahto’s Spell set is considered an end game set, I will probably work on getting some nice stats on it (but not too nice yet).

With all of these upgrades, I can now kill mobs of my level with one flame spell about half the time. The mobs I need to kill for quests (3 levels higher then me or so) fall after two or three flame spells (6 to 9 seconds). I never seem to have mana problems although I expect that to change when I get into instances.

I wonder how many folks have given up on RoM because of the complex weapon upgrade system. I like the system because you can really tailor your weapon to suit your needs in a lot of ways, but I’m sure some folks are completely put off by the amount of information you have to keep in your head to upgrade gear. The WoW system of enchants probably suits more people.

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