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August 27, 2010

How to Run Runes of Magic on OSX

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I usually run my games using Wine and Linux, but there are occasions where I want to play RoM on OSX. Here are the general steps I used to get it running on an x86 MacBook.

I did this operation on a MacBook running OSX 10.6.4. It may work on earlier versions, but I’ve never tried.

  1. Go get WineBottler and install both the wine and winebottler applications. You may be able to do it with just wine, but I didn’t try.
  2. Spark up the winebottler application and click the “Add empty prefix” buton.
  3. Name the prefix, choose where you would like it to live, and save it. I named the new prefix “RoM” and put it in my home directory so I could easily find it.
  4. Now fire up the wine application. You should now see a wine glass on your top tool bar. Click it and click “Change Prefix“. Double-click your new runes of magic prefix and confirm. Close that window.
  5. Click the wine glass again and click winetricks.
  6. You have to install 3 components, but I had trouble when installing them all in the same go, so I installed in two passes. I first installed vcrun2005 and wininet and hit apply. Then I opened up winetricks again and installed ie6.
  7. Go to the the Runes of Magic site, find the “client download” link on the left nav bar. Scroll down to the “Multiple file Download” section and download all of the files.
  8. Place these files in your <PREFIX>/drive_c/ area in a new directory. In my case, I created the directory with, “mkdir -p ~/ROM/drive_c/install”. You can just surf around in finder and create the folder there if you like.
  9. There may be a better way to do this part but this works. Click the wine glass icon again and click “File Manager“. Select “Run” from the file menu and browse around to find your ROMSetup.exe. Run this to install the game. After the lengthy install process, launch the game from the last prompt in the install process. Prepare for a long patch process (which happens automatically).
  10. After the patch process (takes an hour or so on my fast connection), go ahead and start the game.
  11. I haven’t figured out how to make a launch icon yet (I just started using winebottler today), so I use wine’s file manager to launch the game. You will want to launch “Runes of Magic.exe“.

That’s it. After launching the app and clicking “start game”, it will take about a minute to get the login screen. I had to set the graphics fairly low, even on a MacBook Pro. I’ll update this post when I figure out a more elegant way to package this up. This was my first pass and since it’s fairly easy to get it running, I figured I’d share.

Edit: You can make a batch file in your <PREFIX>/drive_c directory called rom.bat. My rom.bat looks like this:

cd c:\ROM
c:\ROM\Runes of Magic.exe

Then just start wine, click the wine glass icon, click DOS Prompt, and type “rom” and enter.


  1. Amazing. I now love you haha

    Comment by AJ — December 14, 2010 @ 12:40 pm

  2. Why is it so labor intensive to DL these games for Mac? Ive already downloaded wine and wine bottler had it for a couple days but havent been able to figure it out so far for RunesofMagic i was able to install guild wars which was a pre installed prefix on my wine but i would really like to be able to play RoM. I found on WineHq that they had A ROM link but so far im not sure whats going to happen. Im downloading the slim version of RoM since ive heard that even on a mac book pro the graphics need to be set low so i didnt see a reason to DL full client. Could you make a video walk thru or something in laymans terms thats easier to understand for someone like me who has been a PC baby since the beginning of their technological life? Being New to Mac and OSX i feel as if im lost in a void and wont be able to play the games i love ever again. Please help lol

    Comment by josh — July 22, 2011 @ 12:00 am

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