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November 28, 2009

Leveling in Runes of Magic

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After several weeks of playing RoM, my mage/priest is at levels 40/33. My old strategy was to keep the two class levels even, but I found that I was running out of quests. Besides, while leveling the priest side is fun, it’s noticeably slower then leveling the mage side.

My new strategy is to level the mage side to 55 as quick as possible and then use dailies to level the priest side. I’ll also try to leave some quests behind in Dust Devil Canyon and elsewhere to speed things up on the priest side.

Why am I leveling the mage side first? It’s a lot easier and faster to farm the dailies on a mage then a priest. Also, as I approach end game, the mage side will do all of the material farming for crafting. I’ve been testing out Area of Effect spells in conjunction with Discharge. That seems to produce good results. Sadly, the mage is pretty fragile, so I can’t just stand there and mash Purgatory Fire. I actually have to move away at the same time. Some day, I’ll use AoE for farming, but I have to get better at it (stop dying).

So how will I level any other alts like my warrior/knight? I’ll use a similar strategy as above. I’ll level both sides until I have some nice elite damage skills for the side with the higher dps (if there are any nice skills), and then level the high DPS side to 55 as fast as I can, then use high level dailies to level the slow side.

I haven’t used any XP potions except the ones which come in the bags. Since they’re only useful in combat, I may use them on the priest side for when I’m collecting the furniture bonuses (the link is to a post full of info on furniture) for training points. Those bonuses are also only collected in combat.

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