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September 16, 2010

RoM: The Rush to Endgame

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Oh wow, I haven’t posted here in a while. I guess I should get crackin’ then. I’ve managed to level my Mage/Priest in Runes of Magic to level’s 55/45. I’m working on getting the mage side to 60, then I’ll do the final push to 50+ for the priest side. I’m already looking for good healing gear as I really prefer to heal in instances.

My mage side will be great for farming and solo’ing instances for gear. Fortunately, our guild has very few healers, so I should be able to get involved in most scheduled raids. We also have very few tanks, so I’m working (slowly) on leveling a scout/knight. I’ll probably follow the same formula as I did with my caster. I’ll level the high DPS side and then use dailies to keep the secondary class within 10 levels or so.

Now, back to healing… It looks like if I can make enough coin, there is a lot of gear out there which can be bought to kick-start my healing career. Up to now, I’ve mostly transmuted my own equipment but that’s pretty pricey compared to buying someone else’s hand-me-downs. It’s actually pretty amazing how much good cloth armor there is for sale for great prices. You just have to dig for it.

So the plan is to get to levels 60 mage/ 45 priest, and then finish leveling out the priest side to the mid 50’s. I’ll then try to get into some raids while farming for good stats on the mage side.

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