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May 24, 2008

A more stable home for

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I’ve been running on a server in my office which was connected to a wireless bridge which connected to the wireless router. Well, the bridge occasionally died, which would cause to go off-line. This morning the bridge finally gave up the ghost, so I moved the server down the hall to my closet and attached it via a real network cable to the router. Hopefully, the long outages are a thing of the past. If I were more interested in uptime, I’d go get a UPS for the occasional brownouts that happen here. This blog is just a hobby though, so no such luck.

For those that are interested, the “server” is a micro-itx motherboard with a 1.5 ghz c7 via chip in a case the size of a shoe box. It has 1 gig of memory. It is a quiet server or my wife wouldn’t allow it in the bedroom. This server is perfect for my experiments in web technologies if I can ever break myself away from World of Warcraft.

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