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June 15, 2009

Blog Site Changes and Analysis

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Site Analysis:

I use AWStats to give me statistics about what kind of readers I have. Amazingly, I do have readers and some of them are even regular readers. Here are some of the useless stats:

  • The most alarming one is that readership has dropped off since I stopped writing about WoW.
  • 59% of the readers use FireFox.
  • 38% of you use Linux to browse this site, which explains a lot of the firefox usage.
  • The most popular article is my pre-raid shaman gear guide, even though it’s probably a bit dated.
  • The most popular EVE article is the one which describes installing EVE on Ubuntu. This article is 1/3rd as popular as the shaman gear guide.

My sister thinks I should write more often and include more images. I’ll attempt to keep up, and I’ll probably thumbnail some images if they add to the post. Since I don’t currently play WoW, I won’t be able to fix the content issue.

Recent and Future Changes:

I’ve done a small bit of optimization to the web server backend to this blog. Hopefully, the load times will decrease and my bandwidth usage will shrink.

I’m also considering moving to a summary of each post instead of the whole post on the front page. You would have to click through to the article if you are interested in its content. I may change the “skin” of the site. I want to keep it simple and fast to load, but I want to make it more visually appealing. I may ask my sister, “The Web Designer” for suggestions.

I’ve talked about adding advertisements before. I’ve been procrastinating because my perception is that there will be a lot of administrative overhead which I don’t have the time for. I’ll leave this as an open issue for now.

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