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December 27, 2009

My New Christmas Toy

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This year for Christmas, my wife got me an Acer Aspire AS8940G-6865. I immediately set about installing Ubuntu 9.10 and all of my games.

The install was trouble free, as I now expect from Ubuntu. Here is a quick round-up of the stuff that works out of box:

  • Wifi
  • Suspend to memory
  • Proprietary drivers for the Nvidia video card
  • The media panel
  • The nice volume control
  • The CDRom/DVD. I assume the blueray portion doesn’t work.
  • The USB, VGA, and HDMI ports.

Here are the problem areas that I’ve run into. I haven’t had time to sort them out. When I address the issues, I’ll probably write a new post.

  • Sound works, but only from two of the five speakers.
  • If you place two fingers on the track pad, the pointer flakes out.
  • The wifi button is too close to the ctl key. I need to find a way to disable it.

There is plenty I haven’t tested too. Here are the unknown components:

  • Finger print scanner. I’ve read that this won’t work with linux.
  • Webcam. This is supposed to work fine.
  • Firewire, eSATA, and “Display” ports. I’ve read that these work fine.
  • SD card/Memory Stick slot.
  • ExpressCard slot.

Overall, I am very pleased with this laptop. My wife did a great job picking it out and getting it for a good price (thank you honey). Since this was a fresh install, I decided to go for a new install of wine for all of those games that I like. Here is what I got running and what was required to get it running.

Wine 1.1.35 itself wouldn’t compile initially. This seems to be a known bug when compiling on 64 bit platforms. One solution is to remove the libmpg123 package. I preferred to keep the package, so I edited the file dlls/winemp3.acm/mpegl3.c. I changed line 642 from:

mpg123_feedseek(aad->mh, 0, SEEK_SET, NULL);


mpg123_feedseek_64(aad->mh, 0, SEEK_SET, NULL);

Wine compiled fine after that.

Civilization required the installation of winetricks and the packages: msxml3 and d3dx9.

EVE just required adding allfonts with winetricks.

Runes of Magic runs without a hitch. Perfect World runs without a problem. Fallout 3 won’t even install. I will post when I figure out the problem there. I haven’t installed Oblivion, but I don’t expect any problems there.

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