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December 9, 2008

What One Learns from Web Logs

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This post is only peripherally related to WoW, so if you need WoW info, look at some of my other posts. If you’re interested in web traffic and how to analyze it, you may want to look elsewhere too, but that is the topic I am learning about now. If you run apache on your own server, you may want to consider an upgrade from the venerable webalizer or manual log analysis to awstats. It’s free, and runs on most unix flavors. The instructions even state that it will run on windows and parse IIS logfiles. Awstats is capable of slicing and dicing your logs in many meaningful ways so you can count visits, pages per visit, time visited, user-agent metrics divided by month, day, and hour. Many of the metrics are probably inaccurate like time visited, but they are still interesting metrics if you take them with a pinch of salt.

What have I learned from looking at awstats for Well, the main search terms folks use to get here ,largely from google, have to do with shaman preparing to get into naxx. I’m trying not to use key words which will mislead search engines about this article right now, so I won’t list the whole pile of keywords. I’ve learned that there are some regular readers, and most folks add something on this blog to their bookmarks. I don’t know how awstats tracks that and I suspect it’s inaccurate, but it’s nice for the ego. I’ve also learned that there are enough readers so that I should pay more attention to the uptime of the server, which sits in my closet.

I am using awstats to decide how much time to spend on this blog, where I should consider expanding (I like hunters, but they are covered well by BigRedKitty). I am also considering advertisements, especially in this economy. I’ll probably experiment by writing articles on paladins, and death knights if I feel I can contribute something.

Writing a blog is an interesting hobby. I recommend it. Writing a good blog is probably beyond my skill, but I’ll try.

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