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April 13, 2008

1440 bonus healing! WooHoo!

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Ep the resto shaman has reached the arbitrary milestone of +1400 healing. To get there I have to wear a cloth skirt which looks a little um… weird on a hulking Draenei. I think I’ll now start working on my casting mp5 which is still around 100. In instances, my problem seems to be lasting through the bosses. This is probably due to the amount of overhealing that I do. For trash, this is probably ok, but I need to be more careful about it on bosses to conserve my mana. I may try down-ranking my chain heal and see what that gets me. I only use healing wave and lesser healing wave when either the situation is grim, or when there is only one person taking damage. I also tend to forget about pots and mana tide until I see the “not enough mana” messages. I’ll have to fix that as well. One of my longer term goals is to make an alchemist’s stone and then a redeemer’s alchemist stone. These trinkets make mana pots 40% more powerful, and the redeemer’s has +119 healing, which makes it one of the best healing trinkets in the game.

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