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December 9, 2008

Pre-raid Crit Gear for Resto Shaman

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Josh commented on my healing gear post that I should do a crit gear list for resto shaman since healing has changed somewhat. The list below is mostly BoE, quest gear, and rep gear except where there was nothing good for that slot. In those cases, I included dungeon drops. The epic BoE’s tend to be very expensive, but keep an eye out for bargains.

Gavel of the Brewing Storm Requires The Wyrmrest Accord – Revered
Titansteel Guardian BoE Blacksmithing

Tor’s Crest Utgarde Pinnacle normal

Raine’s Choker of Combustion BoE world drop
Choker of Binding A Hero’s Burden
Titanium Spellshock Necklace BoE Jewelcrafting

Ring of Temerity The Struggle Persists
Titanium Spellshock Ring BoE Jewelcrafting

Polished Protodrake Cloak Post-partum Aggression
Bloodbane’s Fall The Fate of Bloodbane
Deathchill Cloak BoE Tailoring

Dark Nerubian Chestpiece BoE Leatherworking
Chestguard of Unwanted Success Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge

Treads of Altered History The Culling of Stratholme, Chrono-Lord Epoch

Grips of the Warming Heart BoE World drop
Gauntlets of the Windreacher

Sharkjaw Cap The Oracles – Revered
Nightshock Hood BoE Leatherworking
Battle Mender’s Helm Argent Crusade – Revered

Dark Nerubian Leggings BoE Leatherworking

Stormforged Shoulders Diametrically Opposed

Nightshock Girdle BoE Leatherworking

Dragonflayer Seer’s Bindings Utgarde Pinnacle normal
Bands of the Sky Ring The Oculus normal

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