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July 9, 2008

A BrownCow Alt

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I’ve started a tauren shaman on Perenolde and I’m progressing through the starting area. I had forgotten how much I love the Tauren back story and how much they resemble Native American culture. I think Bliz is making a statement by placing them in the Horde. The only problem with Mulgore is that travel times between quests can be really long. It’s a huge starting area that resembles the great plains.

For leveling from 1 to around 30, I will probably stick to using the QuestHelper and LightHeaded addons. QuestHelper does a good job of planning your route, but it doesn’t tell you about new quests that might be in the area. LightHeaded includes most comments on quests from WoWhead in-game. This can help you decide whether that that group quest is worth attempting solo without using alt-tab. By the time I get to 30, they should have applied the patch which allows mounts at level 30. This is going to speed up the 30-40 leveling a lot.

I have other stuff to do Horde-side. I need to make a bank alt. I need to pick up herbalism as my second gathering skill (I have skinning). I should also find a guild at some point.

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