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July 1, 2008

A Quiet WoW Summer

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Our guild has been pretty quiet due to summer vacations. I’ve been doing a lot of work related stuff, so my WoW time has been less copious. When I’m on I’ve been healing heroics, doing battlegrounds, and completing all of those shadowmoon valley quests that I never got to. I’m hoping to farm enough gold in a few weeks to finally buy an epic mount. I’m at 3000 gold now and I’m not spending coin on anything except the essentials.

Wednesday, we’re planning a kara raid. We’re short healers, so another shaman is going to respec to restoration and roll on all my loot… I mean, we’re going to dual heal kara. It ought to be interesting since shaman aren’t known as the best tank healers. There will be a forest of totems, and lots of earth shielding.

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