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March 13, 2008


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3 bubbles away from level 69, my laptop decides to give up the video. I had to pull my Sony Vaio UX280 out of a dusty corner and put some Ubuntu on it for work. I haven’t figured out how to play wow on it yet, but it’s serviceable for work stuff. I’m scheduled to hear from tech support in about 30 minutes. There is corruption in the video and the diagnostics show bad video memory, so I don’t have a lot of faith that I’ll be back up by the weekend. I may have to borrow my wife’s laptop… She is actually enjoying me without World of Warcraft though.

While I’m waiting, the topic of factions has been on my mind. This is a resto shaman view of pre-kara factions. Other healers may find some of it useful, but there will be differences. I won’t be looking for any +spirit items for instance. First up is scryer/aldor. Both have interesting shoulder enchants. I chose Aldor because the +healing was higher for the Greater Inscription of Faith. The Greater Inscription of the Oracle has more mp5 and less healing. This is probably more of a personal choice and may depend on the gear you plan to acquire. Once I hit 70, I’ll be getting my Shattered Halls keyand running SH a lot to get to revered. I will then purchase: Glyph of Renewal and a Ring of Convalescence. The Muck-Covered Drape from Sporeggar honored, and the Apexis Cloak from Ogri’la revered look very interesting as well. I’ll probably want revered with Lower City for the Lower City Prayerbook . The hardest grind will be Sha’tar exalted for the Gavel of Pure Light. At revered, there is Xi’ri’s Gift. That’s a ton of instances for all of that rep. I guess I should get my laptop fixed and get crackin’.

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