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June 24, 2008

Animal Abuse in Zul’Aman

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We got 3 bosses down in Zul’Aman last night. We missed the timers because of a wipe on eagle, but I think we have finally learned the dragonhawk boss. For a healer, these are fairly easy fights.

  • Bear requires nothing special from a resto shaman except that the tank can take a lot of spike damage, so it’s good to help the MT healer with Nature’s Swiftness/healing wave if the tank is really low.
  • Eagle boss requires everyone to converge on the person with the storm debuff, and then run back to original positions. Eagle produces a lot of raid damage, so chain heal will be in almost constant cast mode.
  • Dragonhawk boss requires a lot more from a healer. Raid damage is pretty significant if positioning isn’t good due to flame breath. Since everyone is spread out, chain heal is hit or miss except on melee. He teleports to the center of the room, drops agro, and throws bombs around several times. I had to stop healing for a few seconds, and find a safe place to stand. I didn’t get killed by bombs at all this time.

After the smoke cleared, I picked up 5 badges, and a Mojo-mender’s Mask, which is a good upgrade over the t4 helm and is worth breaking the t4 set bonus.

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