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April 28, 2008

Another Alt? Noooo!

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When I first started playing World of Warcraft I started a pretty typical character, a human warrior. I got him up to level 16 and abandoned him for a tauren hunter. Now that I have two 70s that need instance runs for almost any progression, I’ve decided to try the warrior class again. On a whim, I started a ridiculously small gnome warrior. Knowing the mechanics of the game better, I’m having a lot more fun with the warrior then I did the first time around. I’ve made level 20, and I’m seeing some of the essentials of the warrior class. The staple talents seem to be for damage and threat generation. There are other abilities for slowing down mobs, and interrupting spell casting. Charge is great for closing the gap. Rage management is something I didn’t understand the first time around. In dungeons, I’ve always wondered why some warriors kill the critters. Apparently, it’s to keep their rage up.

I’ll write more about my experience as I progress. Another reason for leveling a warrior is so that I can be flexible. I have a DPS (hunter) and a healer (shaman). Having a tank would be nice to round out my utility.

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