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April 12, 2011

Back to WoW! Really?

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I’m back to WoW after about a 2 year absence. One of the common themes in the other MMO’s I’ve played is that many folks deride, vilify, and otherwise bash WoW. Every game has its faults, but after a long hiatus, I now recall why I like WoW. It boils down to polish and population.


Of all the MMO’s I’ve played, WoW has the smoothest interface and the most customisability. You can tell that the developers have spent a lot of time tuning the interface to make it easy. The quests are well designed if a little boring, and the graphics are adequate. There are very few obvious bugs.


There are good and bad aspects of having a large population. We’ve all seen the bad; random duel requests, asshats in instances, node camping, etc. The good part is that you are more likely to find a group of people whom you mesh with. Many folks claim that WoW’s population is dumb. I disagree. There are many smart folks playing. One doesn’t have to go any farther then the elitist jerks site to find smart people (with too much time on their hands). And contrary to the title, most of the posters aren’t jerks.

So I’m back to WoW with a 60 day game card, and I’m leveling a Tauren Paladin named Mheh on Velen. Say hi if you see me. I’ve written about shaman gearing in the past. Maybe I’ll come up with some stuff for paladins.

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