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December 27, 2007

Black Morass adds howto.

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I’m finally keyed for Karazhan. After a kara pug, I’ve been invited into 2 raiding guilds. Apparently, keyed hunters are a rarity on Velen.

Enough bragging. I’ve been doing a lot of Black Morass runs lately helping folks get keyed. I’m actually beginning to enjoy it. I have always done adds, so I’ll talk a little about that. The bosses are mostly straightforward, but it’s an endurance run. I usually have to drink at least twice, which is unusual for me in instances. I have a lot of mp5 gear.

So how does one handle adds as a BM hunter in Black Morass?

  • Turn on Growl and dash. A boar is a great pet because of charge. I don’t have to worry about stealing agro on about half of the adds with charge.
  • lay a snake trap in the line from the portal to Medivh. The whelps will hit this and stop their advance. This gives you time to burn them down.
  • On boss number 12, drop a beacon between the portal and Medivh. The guardian will mow down some of the adds while you go add your DPS to Temporus. Ask for a little help cleaning up adds afterward if needed.
  • Drink up when you can. You may need to cut off the drink to handle incoming.
  • Misdirect and multishot can help when the advance of adds is going too fast. This gets them on your pet so you can focus and burn them down.
  • Ask any paladin tank to be very careful with concecrate. It will draw the adds to him and make your life difficult.

Have fun in there. It’s a short, intense instance, with the potential for good loot.

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