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December 18, 2007

Black Morass badness

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Last night I joined a pug for Black Morass to get the key to Kara. We failed miserably. Our group consisted of a boomkin, an mm hunter, a bm hunter (me), a healer paladin, and a tankadin. I was on adds. I think part of the problem was that one of the other DPS started helping with the adds, and wasn’t taking down the bosses. That got us into a cycle where we fell behind and could not catch up. We made it to boss number 11. The tank and mm hunter left immediately after that.

The moral of the story? All but one DPS stays on the bosses and ignores the adds. One DPS is assigned to adds and no one else helps until the boss is dead. I recently had a good run in BM, but I didn’t have the key quest. Since we have a lot of guildies approaching 70, I have a feeling I’ll be doing BM alot… and SL, and SV, and Arcatraz.

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