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April 28, 2008

Botanica Badness

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We had an unsuccessful Botanica run this weekend. We wiped several times on the high botanist without making progress in the fight. The high botanist heals himself when he turns into a tree, so the saplings he spawns have to be burned down quickly so that the group can then focus on the high botanist. The other problem was the little saplings that he spawns every few seconds. They don’t have many hit points, but they can overwhelm the tank and healer pretty quickly if they aren’t removed.

The good part about the fight is that the tank (mercury on a feral druid) and healer (me on Ep, the resto shaman) could keep tanking and healing for a long time as long as I chug a pot, keep up on mana stream, and do mana tide when needed.

I think one of the dps needs to take care of the little saplings, and when the botanist turns into a tree, the dps should use their assist macro to attack the same target, namely the trees that the botanist spawns.

None of us had ever walked into botanica before, so I’m not surprised that we had problems. Better luck next time.

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