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December 16, 2008

Construct Wing Conquered.

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Our initial plan for last nights continuation raid was to hit a few of the gear check bosses. We ended up starting with Patchwerk and then cleared the whole construct wing. Loot for Shamans was meager. The Drape of Surgery dropped. I passed since my Wispcloak is better for me and my mana issues. Here are some notes on healing this wing. There is a lot to pay attention to.

  • Patchwerk: During the whole fight, the 2 tanks take heavy damage. There is little raidwide damage to worry about and chain heal didn’t seem as effective as LHW spam. Riptide on the tanks is nice here too.
  • Grobbulus: Lots of raid wide damage. When you get injected, you must go away from everyone else to some place where Grobbulus has already um… deposited a green cloud until the effect fades. Tank damage was light to moderate.
  • Gluth: The decimates cause everyone to lose 95% of their hit points. My first actions are to riptide the tank, chain heal the tank, and chain heal the off tank. After that, work fast to top off the raid. Chain heal really shines in this fight.
  • Thaddius: Phase 1 is pretty simple for healers. Follow your group and heal away. The tanks take fairly heavy damage, and there is plenty of group-wide damage to keep up with. Mana seems to be refreshed at the end of phase 1. I don’t completely understand the polarity shifts in phase 2 as this was my first shot. I just moved away from everyone and healed. Apparently, you’re supposed to hang out with people who have the same polarity as you so the damage goes up. If you are near folks of the opposite polarity, you all receive a lot of nature damage. Tank damage is moderate in this fight.

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