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December 31, 2007

Do Draenei chew their cud?

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Do to the seeming lack of end game healers on Velen, the server that I play WoW on, I’ve decided to level my long neglected Draenei Shaman. I am liking it about as much as I like hunters so far. They are resilient, can do great damage, and can heal themselves. For leveling, that is pretty important. I’m going to level as Enhancement with a toe in Restoration, but once I hit high 60s, I’ll switch to resto… I think. One of the glaring problems that I’m already seeing with the shaman is the small mana pool. I have to pay attention and pace myself, just like a lowbie hunter. Folks complain that shamans can’t take on 2 yellow mobs. I’ve had no problem as long as my mana pool doesn’t run out. With 2 mobs on me, I may even take the time to drop a totem since it’s likely to be a longer haul.

Currently, Ep is level 18 (almost 19) and is doing quests in Bloodmyst. It’s a lot more fun then Westfall or Darkshore. The storyline is better, and most of the quests are close to the town (BloodWatch). It’s almost time to pick my 20-30 zone though.

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