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March 6, 2008

End Game Healer Enchants

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As I start gathering healing gear for the end game, I’m also looking at what enchants and augments I’ll need to be effective. I got this idea from BRK‘s website for hunters. His list of enchantments are probably the last word for hunters and it really helped my hunter, Og become a better killing machine. So here is the list of enchants that a resto shaman might look for once he has passable gear. I believe this list will work for most healers with little adjustment.

The boots enchant is a little lacking, but for a resto shaman, +stamina is probably the best choice. Clothies may want the old spirit enchant instead. The other much cheaper option for the chest enchant is +6mp5 but I think the +6 intelligence and +6 stamina trump this. There is debate about this on Elitist Jerks. The best weapon enchant for solo and 5 mans is probably major healing. Spellsurge is more desirable in a raid setting where other casters will have it too.

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