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February 16, 2008

Ep the Shaman hits Level 60 and Flees to the Outland

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I thought I was going to stick around in azeroth and do old world quests for a while when Ep hit 60, but the call of the Outland was loud, and now I’m wandering around hellfire questing and killing stuff. I’m collecting some healing gear and I’m setting up my healing hot bar since there always seems to be someone, “LFG healer for Ramps”. I can only muster about +200 healing right now if I swap out all of my stuff. Most of the gearing seems to be for enhancement and elemental shamans at this point. That’s nice for leveling, but it makes it tougher to switch to a healer role. I grouped with a warlock briefly to do some orc killing, and I’m seeing that my focus on DPS really harms my ability to heal. The poor Warlock died several times while I wasn’t watching the adds.

Well, I’ll have to learn healing soon, so Ramparts, here I come.

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