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December 18, 2008

First 25 man Naxx

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Last night was supposed to be a pretty pedestrian 10 man Naxx run, but our guild master decided to try to gather 25 good men to clear the spider wing. It worked out well, and I learned some new things. First, the loot. Most of the caster drops were druid and priest items with lots of spirit on it, including a ring, the Lost Jewel. It’s 25 man with lots of folks who can use spirit more then me, so I passed. I didn’t pass on the Cloak of Averted Crisis from Maexxna. Only the 2 resto shamans rolled, and I won. This seems to be close to the best resto shaman cloak in the game. Now, a bit about the bosses:

  • Anub’Rekhan: In 10 man, this was a fairly smooth fight. The tank dragged him around the room and I stayed a little ahead to get some heals on him. In 25 man, it was a little strange. The tank faced him so that I could never get a heal on him during the swarm phase. The MT healer was on the outside ring, past the river of slime. Before the swarm, I applied Riptide, and then moved back with the rest of the raid. I think it’s possible to tank Anub so that the healers can all access the tank. I’ll ask about that next time.
  • Grand Widow Faerlina: From a healer perspective, this is a straightforward fight. Stay out of the rain of fire (which seemed to follow me around a lot, but I might just be paranoid). Cleanse poision for those who move out of the totem range. Heal, heal, heal. There is a lot of raid damage to contend with. Sadly, on our successful attempt, I died early. I got a 12k melee hit from Grand Widow. I was moving out of yet another rain of fire when I moved past her and got hit. She had just been moved about 30 yards out from the dais and I strafed right into her. I’ll know next time to look for her where I don’t expect her.
  • Maexxna: We one-shotted her. The web spray incapacitates the raid for a few seconds, so get hots up on the tank before this happens. Otherwise, as a healer, just heal away and cleanse the tank.

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