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May 28, 2008

First full Kara Run

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I’ve been in Karazhan before, but I’ve only seen the first three bosses, and I’ve never been part of a group that took any of them down. Last week, I was part of a guild “speed run” of Kara. It ended up being four hours for 22 badges. I also picked up Totem of Healing Rains and the Tier 4 helm. The Mender’s Heart-Ring dropped and I got that too. It’s not a great shaman healing ring, but it has Stamina, which I’m lacking. I had 37 badges, so I replaced my old Crocolisk bracers of healing with Gleaming Earthen Bracers. Not a bad loot grab for the run.

The run itself was a lot of fun. We wiped twice. I died about 5 times. After a few runs like this, I won’t be a drag on the team. Chain heal was really effective on this run. I was (as usual) under-geared for a speed run, but I still was a close second in healing. I may have taken the top spot except that I spent a lot of time dead. Yes I know, healing meters aren’t *the* measure of a man, but they are *a* measure.

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