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December 14, 2008

First Naxx Run

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Last night was the first time I ran 10 man Naxxramas. Myself and a paladin healer were the main healers with the paladin tank occasionally switching gear as needed. We cleared the spider and plague wings. That’s not bad since this was the first go for about half of the raid. After that, we flew over to The Obsidian Sanctum to down Sartharion (no adds as this was the first time for most of the raid). I died several times in Naxx. Notably, I died very early on Heigan the Unclean. Five others including the raid leader died within about 5 minutes. The 2 tanks, a rogue, and the other healer spent 11 minutes doing the heigan dance and finally got him down. I tried to memorize the lava pattern for the next run.

Now, on to the good part…. Well, I should probably go into some detail about the fights, but as a healer, most of the fights look similar. Heal, heal, heal, avoid damage. What’s really important is the glorious loot! There were lots of drops, but I’ll focus on the stuff which was interesting to a Shaman.

The first thing to drop which demanded that I roll was the Band of Neglected Pleas. I rolled, and a mage rolled. I lost. A mage? Really? I would have thought that something which replaces the mp5 with hit would be better for a mage. Well, that’s fine. I’m mostly in it for the Badges… I mean Emblems.

The next thing to drop was the Aegis of Damnation. The other healer and I rolled. I won, but upon further consideration, I let him loot it. My Zom’s Crackling Bulwark is better itemized for a shaman that spends most of his time throwing chain heals around.

The other interesting thing to drop in Naxx was the Iron Rings of Endurance. I was the only one interested in these and they were a big upgrade from the blue BoE I picked up on AH.

From Sarathion, I won the Satchel of Spoils. It had 5 emblems and 50 gold. More badges to save up for the next patch.

Our guild is getting very active in the 10 man scene. I expect to see 25 mans form soon. In the mean time, I’m saving up my coin for a Titansteel Guardian. Even after the nerf, it will be a good mace all the way through Naxx and beyond.

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