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May 18, 2008

First Raid on this Server

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After a long day of work, I logged on to do some AH, banking, and maybe some fishing. Seconds after I logged on, I got a raid invite and a whisper from a friend asking if I could heal a quick raid. Well, It’s not what I planned, but it was more fun then fishing.

After one wipe, we took down Maggatheridon. Recount says I was #3 in healing, and #8 in over healing. I think that’s pretty good for my first raid with these folks. I used a flask of restoration, and superior mana oil as primary consumables since I’m a little light on mp4. It worked like a charm. I had no mana issues. I got no drops, but I got my 3 badges, and a 20g share of the loot to cover repairs. It was a fun run. This is a fairly straightforward fight, so all I had to do was heal and pay attention to the Dangerous Bosses warnings.

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