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February 22, 2008

First time main healing an instance.

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I main healed Ramparts last night and I did a poor to fair job. I saw a pug calling out for either a healer or DPS. Since I had the best healing gear, I got to try my hand at healing. My healing bonus ended up being about +350, which seems awful looking back. I used the grid addon to help manage the heals. The first thing I noticed is that I forgot to heal myself since I was focused on everyone else’s health bar. I probably need to fix that. The second thing I noticed is that I go through mana like college students go through beer. I thought having the max healing bonuses I could would make up for the lack of mana regen. Well, it didn’t. So now I think about how I prepare for my next main heal task…

  • I installed HealBot. It seems to be a great configurable addon which will cut down on the number of clicks and allow me to get better battle field awareness.
  • I am going to collect plenty of consumables for mana regen, like the mageblood elixir, superior mana oil, and some mp5 buff foods.
  • I need some healing enchants. The problem is that they tend to be expensive in materials for gear that I’ll likely dump soon anyway.
  • My hot bars need adjustment for group healing and DPS combination. I think HealBot will help since I won’t need a dedicated healing hot bar.
  • We had 3 healers in the group, and there was plenty of double and over healing going on. I didn’t know these folks, and I didn’t communicate too much about who heals what. I clearly need to do that.
  • If I main heal in instances, I’ll probably need to respec resto if I expect to be truely effective.

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