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February 29, 2008

Holy Crap! My talent build is awful!

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In preparation for respeccing to restoration, I’ve been taking a close look at my talent build and my options in the resto tree. I’m noticing a mistake I made early, and a mistake I made recently. I also have some random points that I could have spent better, but aren’t a disaster.

My first mistake seems to have happened when I switched to dual wield at level 40. I didn’t respec and dump Shield Specialization. I also have a point in Anticipation and a point in Toughness that could be better spent on a totem talent like Enhancing Totems. My second major issue is now 3 points in improved lightning shield, which I never use since I got Water Shield at level 62. Since I’m trying to level to 66 or 67 before I respec to restoration, it’s probably not worth the time and money to correct these mistakes. If I were staying in the Enhancement tree, I would definitely fix those issues now.

The moral of the story is, no matter what class you are, if you get major new skills, or if you change your tactics in major ways, you should look at your talent build and respec if you can afford it. At least you’ll know where it is deficient for the next time you plan out your talents.

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