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December 4, 2008

I Need More Then 1 Hot-key for my Shaman?

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All of these new talents in the shaman tree seem designed to make us more rounded healers. There is an article on Elitist Jerks which points to more LHW spamming and the comments suggest that LHW spam is a serviceable way to keep a tank up. In BC, I always stressed out about MT healing. The only real tool for fast heals was a Nature’s Swiftness / Healing Wave macro. This is on a 3 minute cooldown, which limits its utility for MT healing. Lesser Healing Wave is fast, but was very mana inefficient. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

One of the suggested builds looks something like this. Without even looking at gear, this puts your critical chance at around 14% (5 from thundering strikes, 5 from tidal mastery, 4 from blessing of the eternals). With blue gear, this should put you at near 30% crit walking into Naxx.

What will my grid/clique setup look like with these changes? If I’m MT healing, I’ll probably put LHW on button 1, chain heal on button 2 and healing wave on button 3. Cleanse will probably go on shift-button 1. I’ll probably redo my emergency heal to include Tidal Force/Nature’s Swiftness/Healing Wave.

Our guild’s first Naxx 10 run which I’m involved in is on 2008-12-15. I’ll try to wws the stats and get a feel for the new resto healing regime.

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