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April 12, 2008

I, Robot

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We had a guild run through mechanar today. The group was a prot paladin, a ret paladin, a hunter, a geared mage, and my resto shaman. Chain heal is well used in this instance. There is a lot of AOE that mashes the melee DPS and tank. There is also a lot of healer agro when mobs are summoned. We also seem to have a tough time keeping the adds away. I suspect we need to pull stuff farther back and be careful where stuff gets sheeped. The Cosmic Lifeband dropped. It’s a bit of an upgrade for me, but I let the ret paladin have it since he’s respeccing soon. I’m waiting on the hh rep ring which is far superior. All in all, it was a good run in a straightforward dungeon. Now I just need Botanica for the other half of the arcatraz key.

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