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June 13, 2008

Meet Your New PvP Expert

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Clearly, after my third day doing battle grounds, I’m an expert. Actually, yesterday was a pretty bad day in BG’s for me. I didn’t see a single win. I plugged away and got 2k honor in 2 hours though. I’m a day and a half from my escape trinket at this rate. Here are some things I’m noticing about BG’s from a resto shaman’s perspective:

  • I don’t seem to do well in small groups of two or three. Every enemy notices the healer and comes after me. This makes WSG a little tough because almost everything is done in small groups.
  • Applying heals and well timed shocks can turn the tide of large battles, even when our side is outnumbered.
  • Grid/Clique works just as well in BG’s as it does in raids.
  • I haven’t been afraid to run right into big battles, drop my totems, and chain heal away. It’s more fun, and I seem to get more honor then defending nodes.
  • To my last point, I don’t seem to be very good at defending nodes. I don’t have much to stop or damage the enemy a lot. Even with my good survivability, I tend to go down fast when 3 enemies focus their attention on me.

If you’ve never done BG’s before (like me 3 days ago) I suggest just getting in a queue and trying it. The easiest one to grasp is Arathi Basin. You can even see some of the objectives from the starting point. If you’re a pre-kara player, the gear is pretty good. If you’re looking to break into arenas, BG’s look like a good way to get some resilience gear.

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