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December 23, 2008

Miliary Wing Down.

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No shaman healer loot dropped, but we completed the military wing in 10 man last night. We called in a 3rd healer on the four horsemen as an off healer wasn’t enough with the strategy we used.

Instructor Razuvious: The healers are expected to heal the understudies, and the occasional raid damage. This isn’t a terribly taxing healing assignment. just keep the understudy up, and keep your raid buddies up.

Gothik the Harvester: This is a fun fight. The group divides in two. One on the “living” side and one on the “undead” side. I took the living side, being the less geared and skilled healer. This is a more demanding assignment. The tank gets spiky damage. Expect to draw agro as new mobs spawn. You’ll have to wait on each spawn for the tank to collect the spawns. I didn’t, and I caused our DPS DK to die trying to save me from all that heal agro. We still one-shotted the fight.

Four Horsemen: (the link is actually to their loot chest). This is a very demanding fight. Any mistakes can cause a wipe almost immediately. I don’t understand the full mechanics, but if any horseman is unattended, it will wipe the raid. The first 2 horsemen are a DPS race. Be sure to use your heroism/bloodlust as soon as possible. In our group, heroism makes up the whole DPS difference we needed to win the fight. The raid takes a lot of damage, and the healers have to move from place to place to avoid getting too many marks on them. You must pay attention to the raid announcements and to the voice chat.

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